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Cum Over Panties

Spreading her legs apart she invited me to wank off over her tight black thong. It wasn’t long before my cum splattered over her panties but it was what she did after this that had me begging for more.

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Panty Fucked

Mandy loves the outdoors, the sunshine not only makes her panties hot and sticky, it makes her horny too!! In a seductive mood Mandy gave her man a flash of her tight white panties, the response was instant as his cock burst to life with the first glimpse of Mandy’s panty covered groin.

Hard and ready for action he wasted wasted no time rubbing his cock along her panties before slipping it home into mandy’s wet pussy, he didn’t even wait for her to take them off.  With each thrust her juices leaked more and more soaking the panties with her love juice.

Panties Fucked Hardcore


Hairy Cum Panties

I am not sure what to think regarding these panties. I do like full back ones but these are a little plain and boring I guess. Maybe it is a good job that the hottie wearing these white full backs has a nice thick bush of pubes.

Her pubic hair doesn’t just absorb the horny musk scent emitting from her pussy, it also aids in absorbing some of the creamy spunk dripping out after she was given a good old fashioned hard fucking. Her panties might look crisp and clean now but by the end of this scene they are wet and creamed with cum.


Panty Wanking – Panty Jobs

Sometimes you just want to pleasure your man. Maybe he is tired after a long day at work and you want him to lay back and enjoy what you have to offer. You pull his bozers down to release his erect hard penis and after sucking it a little you straddle on top of him, dry humping his cock against your soft panties. You rub your vulva up and down his shaft enjoying the sensation yourself as he thanks you with a warm sticky offering of cum as he empties his load over your shiny panties.




Panty Sniffing

I stumbled over a great new panty fetish web site today called Sniffing Panty. I thought with a name like this that it was going to be all about guys going through wash baskets and smelling their partners or relatives panties but no. It is more panty sniffing while the women are still wearing them. Add a little panty facesitting and it is a site that I know will appeal to many.


Cheerleader Upskirt

Cheerleader Upskirt
Watch Cheerleader Britney Exposing Her Panties

So you have seen Tiffany Preston, what about her younger sister Britney. Yes her real biological sister!! Is she as kinky? Well you will have to decide that for yourself after watching her in this stunning cheerleader stretching routine as she prepares to run out onto the field. Click the image and watch a hoy four minute workout routine of Tiffany’s Kinky Sister stretching and showing off her cheerleader upskirt panties for the camera.



Panty Toilet Fetish


I had always enjoyed the smell of my mistresses panties and the musky scent of her pussy. It was when she asked me to worship her ass and cunt after taking a pee that we took my panty fetish to a whole new level. For the sample click the image or for the hardcore panty fetish material follow My Best Fetish link. 


Milfs Full Back Panties

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Ask most guys what they prefer full back panties of a thong and they are going to say thongs, the skimpier the better. However my cock stands to attention just as quick when I see a milf like this teasing you in her see through full backs.

Sure she is wearing sexy black stockings that add to the appeal but you just know you are going to have some serious panty fun with this one. I wouldn’t mind getting into this milfs panties.


Cum Dripping Panties

See Through Panties
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My lover took a firm grip of my cock and continued to wank me relentlessly. I could feel the warm glow of my cum as it started to rise up my hard shaft. My lover sensed I was ready to explode, pulling her blue panties half way down she aimed my cock into the gusset lining, her aim was perfect as I deposited globules of warm sticky cum into them.

Slightly breathless I had assumed that this was the climax of our frantic session but I was wrong. My lover pulled her panties back up into place and sat in front of me. With her legs spread wide and using the same hand that had skilfully wanked me dry she proceeded to rub her groin. I could see my warm sticky cum secreting through the cotton see through fabric as she paid special attention to her love button.

Harder and faster she rubbed herself, the air filling with the smell of sexual release as she squirted her own love juice into her already drenched cum dripping panties.


Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzingers Panties


Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzingers panties are not something you are going to get to see up close and personal too often (unless you are a successful formula one racing driver). However today you are in for a treat. Clicking the image above will open a super size close up of Nicole as she exits her car, it is also the next in a series of images where her legs are spread much further apart.  

Celeb Panties
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Sleeping In Panties

Sleeping Panties
Partner Sleeping In Her Panties Picture Gallery

My partner insists on going to bed in her panties. I don’t mind as I do find her sexy lingerie a turn on. In the morning she loves it when I cuddle up to her from behind wrapping my arms around her body and holding her tightly against me. The other night she went to bed wearing a new pair of panties, blue silky soft ones.

As I cuddled up to her the following morning my cock started twitching (as it always does) looking for a comfy position to rest against her butt cheeks. Usually she just ignores it until later in the morning, however the soft feel of her new panties must have aroused her as well as myself.

Pressing her ass against my groin and giving a little wiggle I started gently thrusting against the outside of her panties. My cock slid so smoothly up the line of her ass crack, it felt nearly as good as pussy. After a few minutes she took to all fours, her head still resting on the pillow and still looking half asleep.

Wow her ass looked so inviting sticking up in the air and still covered by the panties she had went to sleep in. Lets just say that her panties didn’t look so new by the time I had finished with them!!


Joss Stone – Celebrity Cameltoe


Joss Stone was sporting a nice tight cameltoe at a recent concert. One happy snapper managed to get this panty upskirt picture for us. Click on the image for Joss Stones cameltoe panties up close.


Panty Fetish With Kelly Dee


Stocking and panty fetish princess Kelly Dee decided to take a break while putting together her latest panty porn video. Kelly is a girl who never turns down an opportunity to tease members of the opposite sex. Kelly was soon found parting her legs and exposing her panties as she eased back onto the sofa bed. One thing lead to another and her panty tease soon became an excuse to capture yet another panty fetish gallery which I would like to share with you all.

Kelly Dee Gallery | Kelly Dee Uncensored 


Wet Panty Licking Teens

Wet Panty Licking Teen
See More From This Panty Licking Gallery – Click Here

Take two teen friends and ask them to do a panty shoot, pop in the question as to which one of them has the better tasting panties/pussy and watch the action go triple xxx right in front of your very eyes. As these two teens joked with each other over who would taste the best they decide there was only one way to find out and that was by licking each others panties, not just each others but their own too for comparison.

They could see the response the panty licking had on each other and they are friends… So a little pulling of the panties to make them tighter against the clit and focusing the attention around that area was just adding to the fun and I certainly enjoyed it. As the panties were pulled tighter they also began to absorb more of their sweet teen pussy juice more horny teen pussy was being exposed as their vulva’s protruded from around the skimpy material. This is a wet teen panty licking gallery not to be missed.

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Panty Blowjob

UpskirtPanty SexPanty Blowjob
Click Here For All The Action

This sexy brunette is from Sinful Panties, a site where the women are sluts for cock and will use anything in their powers to get what they want. This brunette was dressed to tease and it wasn’t long before she was having her cunt licked through her panties getting her pussy wet and ready for some cock. However she had a surprise up her sleeve as she removed her wet panties and wrapped them around her guys cock and gave him a panty blowjob he isn’t going to forget in a hurry. She kept sucking on his end and rubbing his shaft with her panties until he came all over them, of course she sucked his spunk clean from them afterwards.

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